Tuesday, October 4, is National 10-4 Day.

We salute our truck drivers who use citizens band radios. Can we get a big 10-4, good buddy?!

President Jimmy Carter designated 10-4 Day in 1978 to honor the citizens band, including America's hard-working freight carriers. CB radios gave birth to the 70s movies Convoy and Smokey and the Bandit, starring Bert Reynolds and Sally Field, and folks throughout the country were introduced to the trucking industry and truck driving culture on a massive scale. If you didn't have a CB radio and a cool CB handle to go with it, you basically weren't doing it right!

To celebrate, let’s have some fun!
Click “Generate” to get your own CB handle.

Here are some classic real-life examples: Hound Dog, The Dark Knight, Tractor Shadow, Broken Bunny, and Victorious Unicorn.

Extend the fun to friends by sharing on Twitter and our Facebook page with the hashtag #TruckstopCB. Share with anyone. No need to be a truck driver or CB user to participate!

Truckser using CB microphone.

CB Handle Generator

10-4, good buddy!
Click “generate” to get your own CB handle.

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